5 Tips for Growing BIG Sweet Potatoes

Today I wrote a blog post for Sow True Seed about growing big ol’ sweet potatoes. It was an easy one to write because I love sweet potatoes SO much. They’re delicious, healthy, and store all winter long. Those are 3 excellent reasons to grow them in my book!
Read the post here.

Make sure to check it out, Sow True Seed is having a contest and all you have to do is win is leave a comment!


How to Start Seeds on the Cheap

I’m frugal. I’m cheap. I do not like to part company with money that I work hard for. I especially don’t like to spend money on things that I can make for free or purchase second-hand.

Today’s blog post that I wrote over at Sow True Seed is about how to make or procure materials to start your yearly seed stash  without spending much, or any money.

Here it is! http://sowtrueseed.com/articles/how-to-make-homemade-seed-starting-pots/

Do you have a favorite way to start seeds?

seed starting stuffHappy Seeding! ~Angie

Southern SAWG 2015

This last week I was lucky enough to attend the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group conference (Southern SAWG for short) in Mobile, Alabama as a representative of Sow True Seed. My co-worker and I set up a booth to sell our awesome seeds, and I had a great time talking to growers, farmers, savvy business folk, and other like-minded people.

SAWG 2015 TableThursday night there was a seed swap, which was less swap and more free-for-all. We’d taken with us a few big boxes of seed that had not passed its last germination testing for USDA standards but was still perfectly plantable, and a few hundred empty envelopes. People were so excited you’d think we were giving away gold bars. The swap was from 5 to 7 and we were out of envelopes by 5:30. Thankfully the two other seed companies present had brought lots of extras, but even with those added to the mix we were all out of envelopes by 6:30. Makes me happy though, I hope it all gets planted! (I’m in the green shirt all the way on the right near the window.)

Seed Swap SAWG 2015They also had a pretty amazing jazz band, which I’m pretty sure was called The Excelsior Jazz Band.

Excelsior Band SSAWG 1-15-15My co-worker and I took turns working the booth and going to classes. The two standouts for me were Bramble Production in the South and taught by an Alabama Extension Agent Fruit and Nut Specialist, and Growing and Marketing Mushrooms by Tradd Cotter. Learning new things is the best. Next year the conference is in Lexington, KY, so that should be pretty great. It’ll be hard to beat this sunrise in Mobile though!

Sunrise in Mobile SAWGHappy Networking!

Crochet Under Water!

Today I was tromping through the woods with my dog, Usha, and while I waited at the creek for Usha to finish taking a drink I lapsed into a pretty good fantasy about it being warm enough to go swimming. This get-up would be too much for a dip in the creek, but I’d have a go at it anyway.

Crochet Scuba GearHappy Swimming!  ~Angie