I Love Asheville, NC

I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. It was a fine place to grow up, I was exposed to good schools, and great diversity, ethnic, economical, and cultural. As I grew up, I felt simply stifled by the big city, the government bru-ha-ha, and proverbial rat race. I tried a few different places on for size. Staunton, VA, Winsted, CT, were the longest lived homes. Both were beautiful and utterly charming in their own ways, two things that are required for me; but love and logic brought me to Asheville, NC, and I’ve been giggling ever since. Sure there are drawbacks, it’s expensive, and it’s not easy to make a living here. Asheville while doing heaps better than much of Appalachia, is still Appalachia, and fights against enduring poverty and prejudice.

But damn is it beautiful. The people for the most part are kind, tolerant, and generous. No place is the perfect fit for everyone, but I feel seriously lucky that this city and its rivers, mountains and endless hiking trails fits me and my family like the comfiest pair of jeans you’ve ever had.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Asheville and its folks.

Asheville skyline at dawn.

Mountains from the Blue Ridge Parkway at sunset.

Somehow this sums up the flavor of the city quite nicely.

I nice shot from an airplane.

Some street musicians at one of our zillion yearly festivals.

Peace and happy homes!

(Originally published 8/8/12)

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