Roasted Cabbage w/ Poached Egg

Cabbage and I have never been great chums. I have many clothes-pin-to-the-nose memories of both my mother and grandmother boiling huge pots of cabbage at New Year’s. Besides the atrocious smell, I can’t stand mushy vegetables, so it’s no surprise that cole slaw has been my preparation of choice when it comes to cabbage. Still, I like to experiment with my veggies, and I thought I’d share my formula for roasting a whole head of cabbage.

I started playing with this because roasted Brussels sprouts make me deliriously happy. And hey, big cabbages turn out delicious too!

Tonight I started with this lovely savoy cabbage.

Cut the head into quarters.

This was a pretty small head, so it fit nicely on my toaster oven pan. Turn the root ends out since those are denser, this allows them to get more heat.

Next, drizzle the wedges with your favorite oil, I used a good olive.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and then with a square of aluminum foil, cover the center of the wedges to protect the looser leaves from burning.

Bake at 350° for about 30 minutes, and check. You’re looking for the stem to be nice and tender, I like to still have a bit of crunch, just pull it out when it gets to the doneness that you like. There’s not an exact science here, because cabbage can vary in size, looseness, etc.

This is what mine looked like when I declared it done.

You have yourself a tasty side dish or light dinner.

My favorite pairing with these wedges are poached eggs.

The yolk makes a nice sauce and is a pretty yummy meal. 


(Originally posted on 10/11/12)

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