Owner and operator of Now and Zen Farm, 14 acres in the beautiful Hominy Valley area of Western North Carolina. Seed Sister at Sow True Seed, Asheville, NC.

Things I love and will talk about: open-pollinated seed growing and saving, food production without chemicals, native pollinator habitats, feminism, whole food-plant based meals, farm happenings, and all around ass-kicking.

This blog is for my own amusement, but I teach a lot of garden and sustainable living classes in my day to day work and am happy to help spread the knowledge. If there is something you think I can help with, let me know.

Enjoy, and please be kind to yourself and each other.

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  1. Your farm name is perfection! Any suggestions on top bee loving flowers and such? I know the list of what attract them but as a newbie this year I’d love an insiders view on what they most visit.


    1. Thank you for the compliment on my farm name! It took us over a year to decide on it 🙂 As for the flowers, in my yard the most visited are coneflowers, mints like mountain and lemon, all of the hyssops, the tiny flowered asters (I’m not sure what these are called), milkweed- both common and butterfly, and corn poppies. Maybe I should write a post about this! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for helping the bees! ~Angie


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